Professional Counseling and Assistance

Experienced Certified Professional Counselors provide individual, family, and group counseling, vocational guidance, and act as liaisons with health, legal, vocational, financial and other social service providers to insure that all relevant services are obtained. the agency also provides public education services for the community.

To assist the client and family in the adjustment process, counselors provide information concerning the specific diagnosis and seizure type as well as the general aspects of Epilepsy and/or Seizure Disorder such as prevalence, nature, types of seizures, first-aid procedures, causes and treatments.

A counselor will assess the client’s specific problems such as acceptance of physical impairment, low self-esteem, stress, depression, difficulty with relationships, isolation and personal family adjustments. After establishing the client’s needs, the counselor and the client will develop a treatment plan to facilitate the adjustment process.Psychotherapy is also offered to address more intense stresses and emotional difficulties which are inhibiting the client’s adjustment to Epilepsy.