Here are some quick and helpful links to gain more knowledge about Epilepsy.

  • – The Epilepsy Foundation website is where you can learn more about the disorder, find great sources to get help, find ways to make a difference and options to connect with others who have Epilepsy.
  • – The American Epilepsy Society has a collection of clinical resources as well as further research and education about Epilepsy. You can also find information on meetings and events they hold around the country.
  • – WebMD is s source for health-related information and news.
  • – Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy (CURE) is trying to find a cure for Epilepsy by funding cutting-edge research. Here, you can find and read about the research they are doing, find information and news about Epilepsy and CURE’s cause.
  • – Savers is a thrift store that helps and supports 120+ nonprofit organizations, including the Epilepsy Association of WNY.
  • – According to their website, Epilepsy Niagara is a “registered non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for those living with, and affected by epilepsy”. Here you can find out how to get involved, the programs they have, and what “Purple Day” is all about.
  • canineassistants.orgCanine Assistants is where you can find a great deal of information about service and seizure responsive dogs.  Here, you can apply for a dog, learn more about the types of dogs they have and much more!
  • – Fluff N Fiction is a small business that brings affordable pet gifts, and children’s books to your home, by doing home parties. Additionally they donate 10% of their sales to local charities including The Epilepsy Association of WNY!