Assisting with Health & Social Services

The Epilepsy Association of Western New York is a nonprofit organization offering professional services to individuals with Epilepsy and/or seizure disorders, their families and significant others.

The mission of the Epilepsy Association is to assist individuals and their families in coping with and adjusting to Epilepsy and/or seizure disorders to enable them to lead more independent, productive and satisfying lives.

Individuals with Epilepsy and/or seizure disorders are often in need of a wide variety of health and social services to meet their needs. Choosing from among the array of available services and accessing them can be a very complex and demanding task. Individuals with Epilepsy and/or seizure disorders and their families can experience an acute sense of confusion during this process.

The Medicaid Service Coordination program uses experienced professional service coordinators to help people with Epilepsy and/or seizure disorders and their families through this complex process.

Needs are assessed and the Service Coordinator acts as liaison with health, vocational, financial, legal and other service providers in the Western New York area to ensure that all services that are needed and required are obtained and used. The Medicaid Service Coordination is planned, proactive, and comprehensive in nature.

Requirements for eligibility

Individuals with Epilepsy and/or seizure disorders who are developmentally disabled (diagnosed with Epilepsy prior to age 22), living at home or independently, and who are eligible for SSI Medicaid are eligible for this program.

Assessment Services

A Service Coordinator will interview the individual with Epilepsy and/or seizure disorder and family members to determine their eligibility for the MSC program. An evaluation is made to determine the person’s level of functioning and needs.

Planning/Coordination Services

Actions taken to plan a person’s services requirements include: developing and coordinating the service plan with the consumer, coordinating the specific services specified in the plan, performing a six-month review of the consumer’s accomplishments, and continuing service requirements for the consumer.

Linkage and Referral Services

New programs and service needs are assessed for the consumer and/or family. These services provide: new information on programs and services, making referrals and placement arrangements, and accompanying the individual to a new program or service to participate in the placement process.

Follow-up/Monitoring Services

Procedures are taken to monitor the consumer’s participation in programs, services, and interventions necessary to insure that the individual benefits from these programs and services. These services include: making on-going arrangements for the consumer’s use of programs and services, contacting providers to check on the client’s status in the program, intervening when a problem is identified, and accompanying the consumer to a service provider to assist in communication.

This program requires at least monthly face to face contact with the consumer and contact with the individual at home every three months.